Mykonos villa Rentals

Mykonos villa Rentals

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Enjoy the advantages & comforts of a luxury villa with a private pool in a quiet area or a two-bedroom home with a shared pool in town. 

As ‘Independent Minded’ online reservation managers, we really like to connect with a friendly and quick response & we know that you really enjoy that interaction between us, during your vacation.


The Myconian Aura is forged from our love of authenticity, understated luxury, privacy, experiences, boating, and being by the sea. In a way, we have created our own vision of ideal travel in Mykonos for our guests.

We offer Exclusive accommodations coalescing with the best customer service to make your stay a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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Mykonos Villa Rentals

Greek hospitality on its best

@Agios Lazaros | Private Pool

Villa Mykonian Ode

@Mykonos Town | Shared Pool

Olive Tree Villa

@Ftelia | Private Pool

Principality Villas

Mykonos Villa Rentals

Guests' Experience Come First

The Myconian Aura is a project with deep-rooted cultural connections to our heritage & the nearby Island of Delos. Inspired by antiquity in combination with the latest technology, we deliver first-class services & a holistic guest experience. We pride ourselves on the positive reviews we receive from our Guests.

We have a collection of handpicked true small gems throughout Mykonos Island.

Our collection contains stylish Homes and small luxurious Villas made for indulgent holiday.

Relish in an enriching and stylish Myconian Experience, whether for vacation or a business trip. Choose your vacation home or sumptuous villa, satisfy your adventurous gastronomic wants in the most famous spots and opt for a vivid yacht experience or a serious rejuvenation in a wellness center.

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Go behind the scenes, get to know Mykonos & nearby island of Delos, dip into the Aegean’s cool waters, and use all your senses to feel & tastes the textures of the island.

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from the present to antiquity
"Le Chevalier Blue" by Dorit Levinstein
"Le Chevalier Blue" by Dorit Levinstein | Eden Gallery, Mykonos
Myconian Art Elements

The sanctity of Delos begins almost together with Greek history. Apollo's birthplace and the most important geodetic location for all of Greece.

Nowadays all the palpable energy of the past reflects in the cosmopolitan cobblestone-paved streets of Mykonos, the perfect beaches, and the pulsating nightlife.

"Le Chevalier Blue" by Dorit Levinstein
"Le Chevalier Blue" by Dorit Levinstein